Products Added To The Website

Thursday 18th May 2017

New products have been added to the website this month 

Products Added                                                                                                            Product Code                                                   
Fully Sectioned Tractor Trainer                 AGL-001
Agricultural Tractor Engine Trainer TRAC-002
Can-Bus Trainer with Xenon Lighting CAN-002
Sectioned Car BW-001
Wheel Alignment Trainer WAT-001
Auto Electrical Trainer (Plug-In Wiring) XAL-008
Set of 4 Electrical Panels (Basic Principles) XAL-010
Electronic Control Unit Pin-Out Facility ECU-PO
Operational Air Con/Climate Control System on Donor Engine AC
Frame With 60:1 Reduction Gearbox R360
Electronic Auto Transaxle Facility on Donor Engine AT-DS-B
Gear Box, Clutch & Clutch Cable GB-CL
Fault Insertion and Trainer/Engine Pin-Out Facility F6, F10 & PO
Citroen/Renault Mono-Jet Fuel Injection Board (DRY) FB-0100D
HGV Diesel Engine Trainer (EURO IV/V) ER-1100
4-CYL Motor Cycle Engine Trainer MCER-009
Motorcycle Lighting & CHarging Trainer MCL-01
Motorcycle Fuel Injection Board (DRY) MCLFB-01
50 HP Outboard Motor Trainer OBM-001
Sectioned Clutch Trainer XCL-002
Sectioned Petrol Timing Belt Trainer XEP-004
Pedestal Stripping Stand ER-STRIP



If you would like any information on these or any of the other products we manufacture please contact us and we will be happy to send information by return.