Refurbishment Of Block Automotive Training Product



Block Automotive can offer a full refurbishment service for any of our

pre loved training products.

After many years of use it could be time to consider this option.

Wiring may be getting tired, along with the overall appearance of the training product.

This offers a cost effective solution to bring your existing resource back to full health in line with our current standards. 

Refurbishments may include, repair of wiring looms, plugs and terminals along with fitting our current 2mm pin out test points. All products to have a full assessment carried out and repairs made as necessary. This would include a full service, along with the replacement of fuel lines and a refurbishment of the fuel tank. Whether you require a major or minor refurbishment, we will happy to quote on an individual basis for each product requiring attention.

This service is available for all of our training products currently out in the field, giving your existing training resource a new lease of life.

Please contact us with your refurbishment requirements and we will prepare a quote tailored to your equipment.