Range of vocational HGV training equipments designed to help understand the systems within HGV without the constraints of the modern HGV vehicle.

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Models available:
Order No.
2-line Tractor/Trailer unit air brake trainer ABTT-001
Electronic controlled air suspension trainer ECAS-001
Fully operational HGV diesel engine with common rail ER-1001
Fully Operational marine diesel engine rig  ER-1001M
Fully Operational 6 Cyl HGV diesel engine rig ER-1003
Fully Operational 8 Cyl HGV diesel engine rig ER-1005
Fully Operational HGV diesel engine rig based on Euro IV/V ER-1100
Sectioned HGV 4/6 cylinder common rail diesel engine HXED-003
Sectioned HGV gearbox HXGM-003
Sectioned HGV axle HXRA-003
Running HGV engine mounted on 360º rotational stand REV-001