Charging System, Lighting & Ignition


Fully operational auto electrical trainer manufactured using original components.

Based on a generic auto electrical system, complete with charging, lighting and CB ignition systems.

Components include: Alternator (motor driven), Headlights, Side lights (front & rear), Indicators, Brake lights, CB distributor (motor driven), HT ignition coil, 4x Spark plugs, Control dash panel, Relays and Battery isolator.

Variable speed control for alternator.

Rotating parts covered by mesh guards.

Board mounted in a vertical bench frame.

Powder coated paint finish.

Supply voltages, 240 volts AC and 12 volts DC.


  • Trolley stand with castors.
  • Pin-Out facility on all electrical components.
  • Six fault, fault insertion (lockable).

Full specifications available upon request.