2-Line Tractor/Trailer Unit


Fully operational 2-line Air Brake Tractor/Trailer Trainer manufactured from new components.

Tractor Unit:

  • Compressor (not driven: outside air supply required).
  • Air Dryer. Air Tanks: Front, Rear and Secondary.
  • Multi-Circuit protection valve. Foot Pedal: dual foot valve.
  • Spring brake actuators. Load sensor valve. Park brake control valve.
  • Trailer control valve, supply dump valve, pre-dominance valve.
  • Double check valve, warning buzzer & Suzie connectors.
  • Relay valve. Quick release valves. One way valve.
  • Circuit pressure gauges. Circuit pressure tap-in points.

Trailer Unit:

  • Suzie connector plugs. Combined park/shunt valve.
  • Relay emergency valve. Trailer air tank. Load sensor valve.
  • Spring brake actuators. Quick release valves.
  • Double check valve. Circuit pressure gauges.

Colour coded piping highlighting the different pressure.

Full specifications available upon request.